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 Smolichki and partners
   When assigning a particular material or process representation, a contract is concluded in an ordinary written form, which determines the subject of defence and the ways of paying the lawyer's fees. We keep within ORDINANCE No. 1 dated 9th July 2004, for the minimum lawyer's fees, issued by the Supreme Lawyers Council, published in the State Gazette No. 64 / 23rd July 2004, by taking as a base the protected material interest.
By decision of managing partners and in accordance with Article 38 of the Act of the Bar, the company provides legal assistance and aid free of charge to individuals that are entitled to support; individuals in poor material circumstances, relatives, family or to another lawyer.
The fee can be fixed in absolute sum of money and / or a percent on the fixed interest with a view to the outcome of the lawsuit, except for the fee for defence on penal cases and on civil cases with non-material interests.
For the corporate bodies, we offer subscription services which present a permanent legal aid connected with the customer's activity. Determining of servicing terms and conditions is performed by negotiation of the parties, having into account the supposed and actual volume of legal assistance rendered. This type of servicing is realized by means of oral and written consultations, preparation of documents, opinions, participation in negotiations etc. For the process representation, a separate contract is concluded according to the defended material interest.
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