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 Smolichki and partners
    Basic activity of the company is directed to rendering a legal assistance to individuals that have suffered from a crime or tort, road accidents, insurance events and labour accidents.
We also work in the field of contractual relations between the economic subjects and physical bodies, as well as in the area of property right relations and property rights on real estates. We give consultations on property right statute of real estates and we offer the most suitable for the customer ways of disposal deals.
We also offer protection on family and hereditary law.
We are engaged actively in corporate, commercial and bank law.
We have been working in close cooperation with many of the private legal executors and have good achievements in gathering of debts pronounced as bad.
We watch the changes in legislation and provide adequate protection for our customers before the new administrative courts of law in the field of administrative law and process and in particular when appealing the penal ordinances and tax-revision acts.
We also have serious experience in the field of process representation on penal suits in the pre-court and court procedure phase.


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