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 Smolichki and partners

  "Law Company Smolichki and Partners" is a body corporate, registered according the Act of the Bar, with registered office in the city of Sofia, and address of management: 9, Pozitano Street, entr.A, 3rd floor, office 9, Triaditsa Region.
  The company has rich experience in conducting cases in the field of illegal injuries. Most of our cases are connected with compensations from insurance events occurred. We do our best for the voluntary, quick and effective extra legal ending of disputes, because we know that even the worst agreement is better than the best conducted law suit.
  Lawyer Pavel Smolichki is a senior assistant at the Legal Faculty at the University of National and World Economy – department "Public legal sciences", where he teaches Penal Process. He is an author of several publications regarding the problems of Penal Process Law.
  During the past years, the company has directed its activity to complex legal service for companies and physical bodies, for which contracts for subscribed legal services are concluded and flexible schemes for paying the legal fees are offered.
  Here are some of our long term partners: "Association of business appraisers in Bulgaria ", "Union of Bulgarian film makers" - Sofia; "National Centre for Appraiser Training" Ltd - Sofia; "Bright consult" Ltd - Sofia; "Selecta International" Ltd - Sofia; "Zarnoizkupuvane S.T.H." Jsc. – Blagoevgrad; "Mill factory Rila S.T.H." Jsc. - Blagoevgrad; "Prophylaxy, rehabilitation and rest" Sole-owned Jsc. - Sofia; "Hebros Bank" Jsc. – Plovdiv, now "Uni-credit Bulbank" Jsc. – Sofia, and many others.
  We keep good contacts with colleagues from almost all district cities and therefore we can render timely and competent legal assistance in all legal areas in the country.

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